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We hope you enjoy our site! Do not hesitate to e-mail your observations and suggestions.

The object of this site is to provide a selected array of photos of the more interesting radios and related items in my collection. Some of the more common radios are not featured here, as they can easily be found elsewhere.

The total collection includes approx 400 sets, from the teens through the fifties, and a few transistors. Of special interest are a restored & working Zenith 4-R, a working 1922 Westinghouse RC, and a Loose Coupler from abt 1914.

Related items are: a tube carton collection, RCA & other "attachment" record players, antenna insulators & lightning arrestors, headphones, early test equipment, a Restored & Working "Toepler-Holtz" Static Electricity Generator from around 1899, and a few other goodies that have followed me home.

The code for this site is simple, no fancy Java, or wild animations, just the info & pictures you wanted to see in the first place. I hope you appreciate fast loading sites, and "getting to the point!"

Rod Rogers, Salina, Kansas, USA

I'm sorry, but I am no longer able to offer values & other information on radios. There were just too many requests to keep up with. Please see one of the many books on the subject, or check your local library. Thanks.

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